What People are Saying…

“Your advice to take on the photo/slide area a box at a time has already begun it’s magic. Your business is well-named! I organized several containers and labeled them so I could send on to others, pitch, or keep as photos or transfer to a CD. Taking Step #1 and making a plan was not so hard. You were the catalyst, Betsy. Thank you”.
Carol, massage therapist

“Betsy gave me lots of suggestions and ideas throughout my house and made a point of asking what might feel stuck. Because of some surprise expenses, I’ve been struggling this past spring and early summer with my budget. Betsy suggested that I tidy and clean my guest room which is in the wealth and prosperity corner. So I did that quickly and even tidied the garden area outside the windows. Within 4 days, I received a completely unexpected bonus from my company in the mail. I was shocked!! It might be serendipitous but do I care? I’m going to pay attention to my guest room from now on. Not only that but my sister arrived for a visit that week and said she slept better than she had in months in that room. Even my cat has started napping in there again – really! Thanks Betsy!”
Connie, project manager

“I had just ended a long term relationship at the time of Betsy's consultation. Her recommendations transformed a depressing and drab bedroom into a cheery yellow santuary full of warmth and love. The change really helped me to move on in my life and created a wonderful environment for the relationship which followed.”
Lisa, life coach

“I asked Betsy to come over for a consultation after my husband and I separated. She treated me with compassion and care and was very perceptive to my situation without my having to explain everything. She gave me practical and inspiring ideas and thoughts that I could immediately put to use. Simple steps that cost very little to nothing. I no longer feel overwhelmed in my house and know right away the little things I can do to make a difference right away. She has been a tremendous help to me!”
Lana, preschool art teacher

“I went from somewhat skeptical to fascinated with Feng Shui when Betsy demonstrated how careful application of my intentions along with a simple Feng Shui cure could remedy a nagging problem with late-night noise in our neighborhood. Suffice it to say that the nightly parties essentially ended and have remained so for some years now. This really is practical magic.”
Tim, artist

“We got tangible results immediately. I put the first recommendations in place as soon as we were done with the consultation. Two days later I won two great awards that I really didn't expect. Then we went to work and created a fresher, less "stuck and frustrated" feeling throughout the house and even the yard. Our teenagers picked up on this new flow of energy and surprised us by organizing their rooms. Amazing! I really appreciate your depth of knowledge and generosity of spirit. Thank you!”
Tracy, photographer