Rates and Scheduling

I am available for onsite consultations primarily in Kansas and Missouri. This is limited to Topeka and Lawrence areas and the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. Travel outside of these areas may require additional charges. Consultations via email and telephone are also available.


The hourly rate for a residential consultation is $80/hour. It has been my experience that first-time residential consultations run about 1 ½ hours - this seems to be the optimum amount of time. To make the most use of our time, it is best to focus on two to three areas of concern – for example: 1. I want better a relationship with my parents 2. I would like to be more organized 3. I would like more income. We can also do just a general look at your home and develop ideas to enhance the overall energy. Travel expenses may be requested if you are outside of the Lawrence area.

Commercial and Business

An initial business consultation is $425. This type of consultation is divided into two sessions. The first session (1 to 1 ½ hours) is devoted to a general assessment of the environment and to helping the client development a clear picture of the changes desired. I will need a fairly accurate floor plan of your business or workplace. The second session (1 to 1 ½ hours) we will go over the recommendations that I will have developed for your workplace. I will provide a written report at this time. This report will include: item by item recommendations and cures, a Feng Shui map of your workplace, and a resource list. Further consultations would bill out at $90/hour. Travel expenses may be requested if you are outside of the Lawrence area.

Non-Profit Organizations

I provide 1 to 1-1/2 hour consultations free of cahrge to non-profit groups. These are scheduled as time permits.


I would be glad to provide a 1 hour presentation to your group. These are free of charge. If the presentation locale is outside of the Lawrence area, travel expenses may be requested. Let me know if you have a specific topic - such as: Love relationships and Feng Shui – or if you would like a general talk about Feng Shui.