Seasonal Feng Shui Tips & Thoughts

Autumn Ideas

As the seasons change, like the tides, there is an energy surge. In the fall, use this changing energy to prepare for the quiet, yin time of the winter season.

Use the fall energy to de-clutter the yard and garden Now is a great time to clean up the garden by weeding and mulching. Plan to make the garden as lovely in the fall and winter as it is in the summer. Consider adding statuary and other non-growing items so that when you look out into the yard in the gray of winter, it still looks inviting. By removing dead plants and leaves, you will add energy to your yard in a season of very low energy.

Help the yang sun energy enter your home by cleaning the windows Get ready for the yin of winter (lower light and colder temperatures) by cleaning windows. This will help your home get more sunlight. Consider removing window screens altogether. The screen itself cuts down on the amount of light entering the house. Clean windows also allow you to see everything more clearly. Also, check your crystals and clean in a mild vinegar solution, rinse well.

De-clutter your closets As we switch from shorts and lightweight clothing to sweaters and heavy, thick clothes, this is the time to organize and de-clutter your closets. Get rid of winter clothing that you haven’t worn in years. Because winter clothing is more voluminous, the more room you have in your closet as winter approaches, the easier it is to find what you need.

Tune in to seasonal foods Experience more warming foods like squash and potatoes. Enjoy simmering stews and soups. Preparing food not only sustains our bodies, but also warms our home and spreads comforting aromas throughout the house.

Brighten up your home with the fruits of the season Use pumpkins, nuts, and gourds as accents in your home to acknowledge the harvest time and bring color inside. The element for this season is metal, so consider placing fall fruits in metal bowls as centerpieces.

Revitalize the chi in your home by rearranging furniture As our lives start turning inward to the meditative yin of winter, allow your interior space to reflect the change, For example, you may want to move the couch to face the fireplace, instead of the windows.

Fall cleaning is as important as spring cleaning for activating chi Prepare now to move stagnant energy by cleaning and airing out your home.

Resources – Where to take unused and unwanted items.

I’m very excited about these resources I found to make de-cluttering even more rewarding. Few of us have the resources to write checks to charities as often as we would like. However, most of us have “stuff” cluttering our closets and drawers that can be turned into cash, recycled or refurbished by many charities. Here’s a list of a few that I found:

Click on the links below to locate each web resource.

General Clothing
Professional Interview Clothing
Prom Dresses
Wedding Dresses - Military Brides
Wedding Dresses - Cancer Survivors
Denim Jeans for Insulation in Disaster Areas

Eyeglasses, hearing aids, silverware, costume jewelry, etc.
New Eyes For The Needy

iPods for Alzheimers Patients
Music And Memory

DVDs and Video Games - Recovering Children
Kid Flix
Get Well Gamers
Donate Games

Cell Phones
Hope Phones
Cell Phones for Soldiers

Sports Equipment
General Sports Equipment

Crazy Crayons

Techno Trash - Computer cables, hard drives, mice, keyboards, etc.
Green Disk

Practically Anything - Hard to Recycle Items

Local Drop-offs or Pick-ups
Old bed linens and towels - Give to your local animal shelter
Books and Magazines - Give to your local jail, doctor's office or hospital
Construction Materials/Household Items - Your local Habitat ReStore

Local (Lawrence,KS) Food Pantries

Miscellaneous odd items for creative re-use

Cars - Local Pickup
Cars For Breast Cancer
Habitat For Humanity
Cars For Kids
Purple Heart Cars

Many Thanks to O Magazine for their excellent issue about de-cluttering.
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